About Us

Let Hallmark Group guide your program’s success.

Hallmark Group has only one measure of success, delivering a project’s benefits. Whether it is a dam expansion, ground water storage program, or a water supply initiative, our focus is to manage all aspects of the program to ensure it meets objectives and delivers intended benefits. We understand that the keys to that success are (1) having a clear understanding of the client’s objective; (2) close coordination with the client on all aspects of the program; and (3) vigilant adherence to budgets and schedules. Our services involve creating solutions to problems identified by clients, advising clients on overcoming obstacles, and implementing projects to achieve their objectives.

Hallmark responds to the rigorous demands of program management by recognizing resource constraints, assessing risks, and assembling multidisciplinary teams of subject matter experts to ensure work is organized to maintain momentum towards delivery of the project’s benefits to the client. Services offered by Hallmark include management of planning and design, environmental review, permitting, budgeting, scheduling, funding, and procurement. Because much of Hallmark’s work has been undertaken on behalf of public agencies, Hallmark has gained significant experience in the organization, governance, and administration of public entities. Hallmark puts that experience to work on behalf of clients by offering services to support the management and administration of public agencies.

Hallmark acts as the single point of accountability for our clients, coordinating the efforts of the entire team of experts required to deliver the project and client benefits. We work diligently to inform our clients and enable them to make the right decisions, at the right time, based on the right information.