Let Hallmark Group guide your program’s success.

For over 20 years, The Hallmark Group has been a beacon of excellence, embodying principles of thoroughness, transparency, and exceptional communication. As a full-service program management firm, we feature a diverse team with expertise spanning project management, water policy, water supply management, groundwater management, public agency and private organization administration.

Our esteemed clientele includes prominent organizations such as Los Vaqueros JPA, San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, Westlands Water District, State Water Contractors, The Water Blueprint for the San Joaquin Valley, Cuyama Basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency, and more. Each partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to service and our capability to deliver tailored comprehensive solutions.

At The Hallmark Group, we do more than manage projects; we cultivate enduring relationships grounded in trust and a shared vision for a sustainable future.